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Jeep 3.8 Engine Priming



1.  The intake manifold must be thoroughly cleaned and free of any debris before being installed on this engine. 

Debris such as parts of pistons, piston rings, and valves from a failed engine can be trapped in the plenum and runners of an intake manifold.  This debris can and will be pulled into the replacement engine and cause a second failure if not removed before the intake is reassembled on the replacement engine.

2.  The oil pump on this engine must be primed and the entire oiling system must be purged of all air before the engine is started.

Preferred Method is to use a pressurized system to push clean oil through the entire oiling system.  You can access it through the access port next to the oil filter where the oil sender is located.  Follow the priming system manufacturer’s directions.
Secondary Method for priming this engine is to add an additional 4qts to the system total being approx. 10qts of oil.  Fire engine and vary RPM between 900-1500 paying close attention to the oil pressure light or gauge.  If oil pressure is not achieved in the first 15-30 seconds turn engine off, loosen the oil filter approx. one turn.  Fire the engine for another10-15 seconds.  Oil should come streaming out of the oil filter indicating air is purged from system.  Shut engine off and tighten oil filter.  Re-fire engine vary RPM between 900-1500.  You should have optimal oil pressure.  Run engine for several minutes to ensure engine is completely primed.  Shut engine off.  Drain the additional 4qts of oil so that engine is back to proper level on dipstick.  Once this is complete system is primed, please refer to the Engine/Cam Break In Procedure Page.

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