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Home of the most powerful inline Jeep engine in the world! Second to none! 692 hp...  780 ft pounds of torque.
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Limited Warranty

Approval for repairs or replacements of engines or components must be obtained from the customer service department PRIOR to any work being performed.  Any repairs or replacements performed without prior approval WILL NOT BE COVERED!  Engines are sealed and without prior approval warranty is null and void.

Explanation of Warranty:

  • This is a ONE year coverage of complete engine, supercharger, or turbocharger system.  This does include parts and labor for the ENGINE ONLY.  This warranty does not cover removal or reinstall of products not installed originally by a 505 Performance facility
  • Any parts or labor not purchased through 505 Performance will NOT be covered under this warranty.  If your non-505 Performance purchased parts are the cause of failure warranty will be null and void. 
  • Customer is responsible for the break-in procedure sent with product.  If you did not receive this break-in information call us right away and we can email you a copy or check the website www.505performance.com for a copy as well. 
  • If negligence, unforeseen conditions or an act of God seem to be a factor in breakdown, the engine, supercharger, turbocharger will not be covered under the limited warranty.
  • 505 Performance or a 505 Performance approved shop must perform the inspection to determine the cause.  If the fault is not that of 505 Performance the customer will be responsible for all labor chargers.  If someone else other than 505 Performance or an approved shop performs the inspection then the warranty is null and void.
  • All parts and labor payments are subject to approval upon inspection of engine, component or parts by 505 Performance.
  • 505 Performance will ONLY pay up to $50/hr for approved labor. Anything above and beyond will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

     All 505 Performance engines, superchargers, and turbochargers items are special order and designed for performance or off-road use.  All power modifications can effect oil consumption, gas mileage, and other drive train and emission components associated with the vehicle.  If the vehicle is used for any other reason than the original intended use, then 505 Performance will not warranty any parts or labor.

     Thank you for choosing 505 Performance.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we hope that we can assist in other performance needs in the future.

Please sign and return to 505 Performance by email – sales@505performance.com

A signed copy of this warranty form must be returned to 505 Performance BEFORE ANY warranty refunds are issued. 

Please sign and date:

_________________________                                  __________________________

Customer                   Date                                       Zach Steele - Owner

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