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Home of the most powerful inline Jeep engine in the world! Second to none! 692 hp...  780 ft pounds of torque.
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Updated Warranty Information
Due to recent events 505 Performance will NOT warranty any parts on the engine UNLESS the engine is taken to a 505 Performance approved facility.  
All warranty work must be PRE-APPROVED!!!!!
 If the work is not approved we WILL NOT be responsible for any warranty on any product!!!
ALL customers must sign and return a copy of the warranty upon receipt of their engine.  
  For our 3.8/4.1 Customers: you have the option to not purchase the oil pan, timing cover and rear seal assembly - $400 credit if not purchased.
If you do purchase these items 505 Performance is not responsible for oil leaks simply because we are unable to test run the engine at operating temperatures.  505 Performance will only be responsible if the engine is installed by our main facility or one of our many approved shops across the United States.  

As always, we are constantly striving to provide the best and most innovative Performance Jeep Engine Components. We are working hard to provide excellent customer service as well as reliable parts for your Jeep.  

505 Performance will no longer ship out Turbo systems as of July 2015.  We will only sell the system if we do the install in house.  We will continue sell the universal kits for $1750 or $2750 with electronics.

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Check out our PRODUCTS CATALOG for more information!Home Page
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