Break In Procedure

 Jeep 3.8/4.1 Engines (2007-2011)


· For break-in on the V-6 use a 0/20 or 5/30 weight oil semi-synthetic 

· Run for approximately 30 minutes

· 3.8 Engines vary rpm between 800 and 1500 for first 20 minutes

· Check for leaks

· Drain oil and change filter. Fill with a preferred oil either 10/30 Max Life Valvoline or 5/40 Mobile One.      

· Be sure to change the oil every 2000-3000 miles.  If you do a lot of idle driving, such as four wheeling then it should be changed twice as often.  

Inline 4.0/2.5


If these guidelines are not adhered to it will VOID your warranty.

· Use moly paste on cam lobes and lifters.  ARP, Comp, Lunati, etc.

· Use 6 quarts of 15/40 Rotella oil, VR1 Racing Oil, or Kendell Racing Oil AND 1 quart of Lucas Engine oil stabilizer or a zinc additive.

· Set distributor according to Mopar installation manual so that vehicle is ready to fire.

· As soon as vehicle starts – rev engine between 1800and 2500rpm and run for 30 minutes total.  

· You may stop and check for leaks, cooling, etc.

· When you finish running it for 30 minutes, spin a new oil filter on the engine.  

· Run vehicle between 200-250 miles.  Then change oil.  Use same type of oil for the first 1500 miles.  We recommend a half a quart of Lucas with every oil change.  

Proper Lubrication


Another major factor in the increase of the flat tappet camshaft failure is your favorite brand of engine oil.  Simply put – today’s engine oil is just not the same as it used to be, thanks to ever tightening environmental regulations.  The EPA has done a great job in reducing emissions and the effects of some of the ingredients found in traditional oils, however these changes to the oil have only made life tougher on your flat tappet camshaft.  The lubricity of the oil and specifically the reduction of the important anti-wear additives such as zinc and phosphorus, which help break-in overall camshaft life, have been drastically reduced.

In terms of oil selection, we recommend a high “ZDDP” (zinc dialkyl dithiosphosphate) content oil for the break-in procedure and regular operation.  There are several companies that are now offering specialized “race/off-road” oils, high in anti-friction and anti-wear content, to combat the specific problem.  These oils carry the SL rating and contain up to 1000ppm of Zinc Phosphorous (the zinc content in today’s “off the shelf” oils have been reduced upward of 20% since 2001 and approximately 35% since 1997)

505 Performance Oil Recommendations:

15/40 Rotella with Lucas

VR1 Racing Oils 30 weight or 20/50 with Lucas

Kendall Oil 15/40 with Lucas

Joe Gibbs Oil 15/40 or 20/50 with Lucas

DelVac 15/40 with Lucas 

Rotella T6 Synthetic Blend with Lucas

Rotella 10W40 Synthetic Blend with Lucas

Fuel Recommendations

If running Stage 2 or Stage 3 high compression 3.8 you must run a minimum of 91 octane.  Jeep 4.0. 4.7, 4.9 – recommended 91 or better octane always.