V8 Horsepower - 1/3 the Price

Here are the details on this fascinating engine technology that generates large amounts of horsepower and torque at a much lower cost than swapping in that V8 you've been thinking about. It is also a much simpler install than a V8!

REARWHEEL Stock and Turbo Gain 

Average HP Gain on Stock 4.0HO Before:136HP After:228HP +92HP!

Average Torque Gain on Stock 4.0HO Before:188LBS After:292LBS +104lbs

All dyno information was performed by:

Red Line Performance in Ft. Collins, Colorado at 6000ft elevation.

Tools Needed Hand tools
Saws-all - Electrical tester and crimpers 

Mechanical ability needed
(If you can install your own brakes you can install the System)

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Why This is the Best System for You?    

  • Most horsepower per dollar spent 
  • Easy to install. No special tools or welding required 
  • Turbo has been proven as most effective and efficient power adder available 
  • Only builds boost under load  
  • Bolts to factory and aftermarket exhaust system and intake system 
  • Tech Support 
  • All factory parts remain; no specialty parts required 
  • Laser cut brackets 
  • Powder-coated air intake system (your choice of color) 
  • Stainless oil and intake lines 
  • Reliability 
  • One year warranty on turbo and fuel management system 

Included in Package

  • Garrett SuperT 60 modified turbo air cooled - New 
  • Fuel management system from Split Second 
  • Complete exhaust from header to converter 
  • All required high quality stainless braided hoses 
  • Stainless t-bolt clamps 
  • Oil pan-gasket (one piece) 
  • Boost gauge and hardware 
  • All necessary air intake system including high flow K/N 


Due to individual monitor calibration and other factors when representing color on a computer monitor color accuracy will vary. 


How long does it take to get a system?

Custom systems will arrive on your doorstep between 2 -3 weeks. 

What kind of gas mileage will I get?

You can expect to see about a 10% loss in gas mileage. Depends upon driver. 

Does it build boost all of the time?

No. It only builds boost when the motor is loaded. 

What models will the turbo fit?

This system will fit 87-03 Jeep Wranglers that are fuel injected with 4.0. It also fits Jeep Cherokee 89-99 with 4.0HO. Requires relocation of battery and some modification of the AC components. Pictures of Cherokee required so I can send the correct brackets. 

Will it work with my after market computer chip?

No. The vehicle must have factory computer. NO COMPUTER CHIP! 

What kind of gas should I use?

Premium Unleaded - NO EXCEPTIONS!! 

Will I have any heating problems?

You may see a 5 to 10 degree increase in coolant temp if your cooling system is marginal. In most cases you won't have any problems. 

How long does it take 505 Performance to install system?

If it is scheduled it only will take one day, we usually schedule the vehicle to be left with us for 3 days. 

Is this system factory approved?

No. This system is not approved by the factory yet. 

Will this system pass emissions?

This system will not pass emissions in all states. It will only pass in those states that require a tail pipe emissions test. 

What condition does my motor need to be in to install this system?

All components need to be in good working condition in order to install this system. 

Are custom systems available?

Yes. Please call us so we can discuss your needs!